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Skywatcher Heritage-114P Virtuoso Newtonian

Skywatcher Heritage-114P Virtuoso Newtonian

Volumengewicht: 16,00 kg

Produktgewicht: 5,30 kg

Lieferzeit: 3-7 Tage
Artikelnummer: 10240
APM Code: 1118703

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225,00 EUR

inkl. 19 % MwSt. zzgl. Versandkosten

Netto Export Preis: 189,08 EUR

Skywatcher Heritage-114P Virtuoso Newtonian on Autotracking Mount

The  perfect  Lifestyle  Gift!  -  Ideal grab - and - go Scope!

The Heritage-114P Newtonian with its superb parabolic mirror provides excellent all-round performance for the observation the Moon and planets and Deep-Sky objects.

The Virtuoso mount provides a stable platform and will track night sky objects automatically once located.

The telescope can be slewed automatically in both axes, at five different speeds, via the mount´s electronic keypad.

A great feature of the Virtuoso is the patented Freedom-Find dual-encoder technology which also allows the telescope to be moved manually in either axis without losing its alignment or positional information, giving the user enormous convenience and flexibility during observing sessions.

Furthermore, the Virtuoso mount can be upgraded to GoTo by purchasing a Synscan AZ GoTo handset and cable, allowing 42,900+ night sky objects to be automatically found from its extensive database.

As well as its superb astronomical functionality, the Virtuoso mount has a lot of other clever features for photography (camera not included).

Camera Cruising: Take photographs automatically with your DSLR at up to 6 preset positions. The mount will stop at each predetermined position and automatically trigger the camera´s shutter release. (Canon-D electronic shutter release cable supplied but other Skywatcher cables are readily available)

Video Cruising / Time Lapse Photography: The mount can automatically move your video camera through up to 6 preset positions without any pause. Up to 5 speeds can be selected in this mode (see below)

Panoramic / Matrix Photography: The mount can control a DSLR camera to take long distance panoramas up to 360°.

Delivery contains:
  • 114 mm Newtonian Tube
  • Virtuoso Mount
  • Red Dot Finder
  • 10 mm & 25 mm Eyepiece
  • Star Diagonal 1.25"
  • Shutter release Cable for Canon-D
  • Attractive Giftbox
Newton (mit Parabolspiegel)
rot / schwarz
114 mm
500 mm
11,8 mag
Max. sinnvolle Vergrößerung:
230 x
1 1/4" Zahnstange
1 1/4"
1,6 kg
Enthaltenes Zubehör:
Kamera Auslösekabel für Canon-D, L-Schiene
10 mm / 25 mm
Einarm Dobson Montierung mit Nachführung
motorisch mit AutoTracking
GoTo Steuerung:
weitere Anschlüsse:
12 V, Handbox, AUX
Stromversorgung / Verbrauch:
12 V
Gewicht der Montierung:
3,7 kg
5,3 kg

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Skywatcher Heritage-90 Virtuoso Maksutov

Skywatcher Heritage-90 Virtuoso Maksutov

Interessantes und vielseitiges 90 mm Maksutov Cassegrain Teleskop auf Autotracking Montierung.
Artikelnummer: 10241
Lieferzeit: 3-7 Tage
225,00 EUR


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